Tips about the Games to Play While Stoned

Weed is known to boost creativity, empathy and lots of other cognitive and social skills and it is also an excellent tool to bring out the inner child in you, especially if you are among friend and you feel safe and comfortable.

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Many people, even those who would otherwise feel uncomfortable in a situation when they have to play a game, say that playing games while stoned is much more fun and much more relaxing than playing the same game when not under the influence of weed, so if you want to try how a great game becomes even greater under influence, here are a few options.


This simple game can be unbelievably funny. Prepare the joint or the bong to go around, then make everyone stand in a circle and look down, at their feet. On the count of three, everyone must look up and look at someone else in the circle – if that someone is also looking at you, shout Medusa and take a toke or a draw of weed.

Play Karaoke or Some Guitar Game

You will need a suitable sound system and a karaoke device or some similar device, such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but they are all affordable and they make excellent investments into fun and relaxation. You can play by the standard rules or you can create your own rules, the important thing is that the winner should always take two tokes at the end of each song.

Rock, Paper and Scissors

A simple childhood classic, this game can be played by groups of up to 6 people – the game is played in pairs and after the initial round, the winners will play against each other. The rules are simple: on the count of three, show your choice of rock, paper or scissors and the winner must take a draw from the spliff or from the bong before playing against another winner of the round.

Band Names

This is a great game for weed lovers who are also passionate about music. The first player says the name of a music band and the next player has to say another band name that starts with the last letter of the band name chosen by the previous player. The person who cannot come up with a name, takes a toke. The game can be played with the names of actors, movie titles or even with the names of countries around the world.

Video Games

Whatever game is your favorite or whatever your group of friends chooses, video games are always great to play while stoned. Choose a game that offers a superior visual experience and is not too fast – the relaxing effects of weed found at a Pueblo recreational marijuana shop might cause some slowing-down of the reflexes and the players who experience that effect might lose the motivation to play quite quickly.

Board Games

Any board game that you and your friends like is great to play while stoned, even serious games that require strategy and forward thinking will be great fun, much funnier than playing the game while sober.