Latest States to Legalize Psylocibin Cubensis Mushrooms


Psilocybin spores


As time goes by and research points to the many healing benefits associated with psilocybin cubensis mushrooms, more and more states are moving towards the legalization of the psychedelic compound known as psilocybin. The mushrooms are still only legal in a few places, but there is a lot of promising news that it could be legalized in places like Michigan and Colorado. Of course, there is also much justified resistance posed by those who point to the dangers of using psychedelic substances, but according to many experts, psylocibin is far less problematic in that sense, compared to other compounds.

Michigan and Maine Pushing for Legalization

Maine is one of the states that recently focused on a new bill for the legalization of psilocybin. The bill would have the substance be used for medical purposes primarily, and it would relax many of the regulations associated with the DHSS’ ability to regulate the use of the substance. The CDC has expressed concern because of the latter issue as well as others, and has stated that it will oppose the bill until more research is done and there is greater evidence that the legalization process can be completed in a safer manner.

At the same time, in the state of Michigan, legalization efforts continue to fall on the public. Communities are banding together to try to legalize magic mushrooms not only for medical use, but also for recreational use, possession, growing and selling. Activists in Michigan launched an ambitious ballot initiative that would result in the de-criminalization of entherogenic plants and fungi, including but not limited to psilocybin mushrooms.

Because of these initiatives, there are many voices that speak of concern regarding how safe it would be to approve such measures. Authorities claim that there is less of a reason to worry about psilocybin compared to other psychedelic substances, but that even with the recent breakthroughs in the medicinal uses of psilocybin, no guarantees can be made as to the safe transition that would ensue following the legalization of the substance.

Slow But Steady Progress in Colorado

Although magic mushrooms are currently only legal in a few parts of different states – most notably California, the legalization of the substance psilocybin is gaining a lot of momentum, and despite less imposing results in Maine and Michigan, Colorado is making more progress. Some voices say that Colorado might be the next big state to legalize the use of magic mushrooms following some claims that carry a lot of weight and that seem to point to impressive results featuring the medicinal use of the compound.

The issue is one of balance. Despite the remarkable healing potential of the mushrooms, psylocibin is still considered a dangerous psychedelic substance, although it is legal to purchase Psilocybin spores for research purposes in some states. It’s basically placed in the same pot as ibogaine, mescaline and DMT, as well as other naturally derived psychedelic drugs.

Fortunately, advocates that are for the legalization of magic mushrooms are confident that, in time and with more research, the legalization of psilocybin throughout Colorado – and not just in Denver – might not be so far away. They are working on promising initiatives that could lead to voters eliminating some of the criminal penalties associated with psychedelic substances at the next ballot.